Postea Launches Qubevu™ Pilot Program

Fairfax, Virginia – July 22, 2011 – Postea Inc., a technology provider for the postal, mailing and logistics industry, announced the launching of a six-month pilot program of its QubeVu 3D imaging system in the United States. QubeVu is one of Postea’s latest groundbreaking technologies. It simultaneously captures a mail item’s dimensional and shipment-related data, and automatically presents the information (along with images) to the user. A unique combination of image processing and 3D sensor technologies captures dimensions, barcodes, addresses and other shipment-related data, meeting the need for customs and border protection, revenue protection and compliance without losing productivity.

The QubeVu system will help to streamline and ease the process for customers who are mailing international packages. Recent security regulations require the capturing of all data from a customs form which considerably slows down transaction times. QubeVu’s 3D imaging software, along with industry-standard handwriting recognition software, will be able to extract the information from the customs form automatically. In addition, the pilot will be looking for innovative ways that other data gathered by QubeVu can help to improve revenue protection, security and compliance for a number of other products and services currently offered.

Elmar Toime, Chairman of Postea, commented that “Postal authorities worldwide are capitalizing on the expanding e-commerce business which creates a huge opportunity for the parcels business. And the global marketplace means new cross-border regulations such as the UPU mandate for customs forms data capture. Solutions such as QubeVu that can gather all information about a parcel automatically and precisely are a critical technology for success.”

QubeVu’s system of 3D imaging and intelligent compliance engine brings a new technology solution to all types of organizations in a cost-effective manner. QubeVu can be placed in the front office, to assist with dimensioning, address verification and forms data capture, integrated with the point-of-sale application used by retail clerks or at self-service kiosks to assist customers.

In the back office or at distribution centers, QubeVu provides a cost effective alternative to large, expensive scanning tunnels in low to medium volume applications. It can calculate the volume of mailbags or other irregular shaped items, or used to provide bulk acceptance and validation of items from e-commerce sellers. In addition, the intelligent compliance engine can apply complex business rules including address corrections that require third party notifications and postage due. QubeVu’s small footprint and low cost configurations provide plant floor automation in places where other stations won’t fit.

QubeVu was developed at Postea’s Research Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the pilot program is being managed by Postea’s subsidiary, Innovations Group, Inc. based in Fairfax, Virginia.

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