Customer care

At IGI, we can help your company establish, staff, operate, maintain and upgrade your Help Desk operations. We determine the best combination of hardware, software, personnel, training and other products and services to meet your needs. We create and document installation procedures, and provide cost-effective installation and configuration services as well.

To provide the staffing you need, we seek out the best subject-matter experts and work with you to develop an in-depth training program. All of our training programs are skill-based, cost-effective,and tightly focused on ensuring quality service to your customers.

Our Help Desk support services are based on a multi-tier hierarchy. The customer care experts we place in your Help Desk operations have opportunities to advance through continuous training and promotion. This allows us to achieve a retention rate of 85% – unsurpassed in the industry.

Through customized service-level agreements, IGI helps you maximize the benefits of your investment in customer care services. We provide a single point of contact for every client to ensure responsiveness. Our preventive maintenance program keeps your systems up and running, efficiently and smoothly. Our closed-loop system produces regular management reports to keep you fully informed about the performance of all your customer care products and services. Recording calls and tracking questions allows us to help you determine how your company can improve not only its services, but also its products and materials.

Nothing is more vital to the success of a business than great customer care – and nothing is more challenging to provide. IGI can help you meet that challenge. For more information, contact us at .

The customer is at the heart of every business – and that's why customer satisfaction is paramount. By working with you, we're able to determine the best combination of hardware, software, personnel, and other products so you can be sure to deliver top-notch customer care, 100% of the time.